Basic Auditory Science Meeting 2019, London

Last week (4th-5th September) I presented the first piece of work from the ‘What the eyes can reveal about the ageing listening brain’ project at the Basic Auditory Science Meeting 2019 at UCL, London. Wandering around the UCL campus, it’s hard not to be inspired by the place, and this visit was no different. The historical significance is especially pervasive in the streets surrounding the beautiful Russell Square gardens with its close proximity to the British museum and various highly influential UCL departments. As a first-timer at the BAS meeting, I found it to be very welcoming and interesting. Here were some of my personal highlights:

  • Interesting keynote talk by Prof Karen Steel demonstrating what we can learn about human deafness (e.g., how it is not caused solely by hair cell loss) by studying mutant mice
  • ‘Poster teasers’ were presented to lure attendees to particular posters. I though this was an excellent way to showcase the remarkable unorthodox creativity of some presenters
  • All of the work coming out of the Chait lab ( was particularly fascinating, especially the work on sustained attention using pupillometry and other eye tracking metrics
  • A very touching and witty tribute to the late Ray Meddis by Ian Winter
  • As always, it was lovely to meet so many new people. I especially enjoyed chatting with and hearing about the work of John Culling, Alice Milne, Stuart Rosen, Emma Holmes, Rob Summers, Brian Roberts, Sijia Zhao, and Alan Archer-Boyd, Emanuel Perrugia, and Rhiannon Brook.

A special word of thanks goes to my Speech Lab colleague Sarah Knight who so determinedly convinced me to attend this meeting. It was well worth it!

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