Research Open day, 16th December, 2019.

We recently hosted a research open day for our older adult participants in the Psychology department at University of York. This was a nice opportunity to reach out to our participants (to whom we owe a great deal of thanks) and provide some general information on changes across the lifespan in perception, cognition, and language. But more importantly, this was also an opportunity to feed back to them some preliminary results from the study they took part in during the summer. In sum:

  • Prof Sven Mattys provided an interesting overview of how our auditory system changes as we age, but also how higher-level cognitive load (e.g., memorising visual information) can impact even the most basic auditory abilities (e.g., detecting tones/beeps)
  • Dr Angela de Bruin talked about some of her fascinating research on the effects of ageing on speech production in bilinguals (e.g., how easy/difficult is it to ‘language-switch’ during conversation?)
  • Finally, I shared preliminary data from the study our attendees took part in during the summer on effortful listening and fatigue. Stay tuned for results from that study….

Overall, conversations were stimulating and wide-ranging, from the representativeness of our participant sample to the potential impact of personality (future funding idea perhaps?) on effort and fatigue.

Thank you to all of our wonderful attendees for making this research possible!

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