Virtual Psychonomics 2020

For this year’s (virtual) Psychonomics conference, I should have been jetting off to Texas to present the latest findings from our older adult study.

The good news is that I got to present these findings in a recorded presentation (available to watch for 6 months here). The not-so-good news was that this was done from the comfort of my own home at… ummm…. 11pm on a Saturday (not so ideal!). Despite this unsavoury hour, I was able to chat virtually with some folk about my work and got some very helpful feedback (shout out to Arthur Samuel, Cynthia Hunter, Julia Strand, and Violet Brown!). In some more good news, this study has been recently accepted for publication in Psychology & Aging!

It was nice to be able to watch recordings and spoken sessions at my own pace and leisure – there has been some fantastic work done over the past year and I enjoyed being able to press ‘pause’ every so often to ensure that I understood the nuances. But I do look forward to getting back to the more traditional conference format. I believe now more so than ever that face-to-face interaction (and the fruitful discussions that this facilitates) is a cornerstone of scientific progress. It’s also simply more fun.

Bye for now!


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